Road Base Stabilization of paved roads will deliver either a lasting road or one that fails prematurely. Our Road Base Stabilizer, Top-Seal, has proven many times over that the stronger the base the stronger the road. Top-Seal is used as a road base stabilizer of any type of soil for which a wearing surface has been prescribed. This includes roadways, parking lots, airfield runways, and any other type of traffic area that will be covered with asphalt, chip-seal, or even concrete. When Top-Seal is used properly, as a road base stabilizer, the road base strength will be significantly increased, and penetration by moisture will be greatly reduced thus delivering a road that will last much longer

Our Road Base Stabilizer Product Test Results

As depicted by the chart below, laboratory testing has revealed that the presence of Top-Seal in a soil sample can increase the strength by as much as 3,000 percent!

Road Base Stabilizer Test

Our Road Base Stabilizer Simply Works Better

The photo of the road featured below was taken approximately 6 years after completion of construction. The area shown below the yellow had Top-Seal road base stabilizer applied. The upper section (above the yellow line) utilized a standard road base stabilizer and was not treated with Top-Seal, and it shows that the wearing lanes (wheel Tracking, Wheel Track Rutting, Base densification) are dark and worn out as a result of a general failure of the base. As the untreated section continues for approximately a mile, there are many patches where potholes and cracks had occurred. The Top-Seal section, stretching for a mile in the opposite direction had no potholes or cracks and it remained in that condition for several years afterwards.

Road Base Stabilizer Results

Road Base Stabilizer and Wheel Tracking

Wheel Tack Rutting is where the wearing surface is displaced to each side of the actual track of the vehicle wheel. This occurs more often when the base has become week.  By utilizing Top-Seal, Road Base Stabilizer, degradation by wheel track rutting can be virtually eliminated.

Densification Due To Low Quality Road Base Stabilizer

Another problem area with improper road base stabilization is a process known as densification. Densification is where the road base is not stabilized to the point of impeding further compression. Our road base stabilizer,  Top-Seal will prevent further compression of the base material thus elimination of deformation due to densification. Water intrusion into the base material will cause substantial road degradation when a low quality road base stabilizer is present. Once water has entered a road pavement, damage will ensue caused by hydraulic pressure,  this pressure forces the water further into the road fabric and breaks it up. This process can be very rapid once it begins. Eventually the water will descend to the road base below the road pavement and weaken this layer. Once this begins a deep seated failure of the road will occur. When the low permeability characteristics of  Top-Seal are taken advantage of  with regard to road base stabilization this problem can be controlled.  See our Permeability Reduction page for more information

Road Base Stabilizer field testing by the Texas (USA) Department of Transportation has revealed that Top-Seal strength capabilities are comparable to cement road base stabilizer at a significantly lesser cost. The amount of cement can be reduced by as much as 50 percent when supplemented stabilizer, Top- Seal. Most importantly, the performance of the cement will be greatly enhanced while saving as much as 40 percent in the road base stabilization process. The plasticity characteristics of Top-Seal also help create a more flexible base with the cement. This will create a lower threshold for fracturing of the cement and it will lead to a significant reduction in the cost of maintenance.

The core sample, on the left, contains Top-Seal and cement combination for road base stabilizer application.  The sample was taken from a road stabilized by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) in East Texas, USA. TXDOT tests revealed that Top-Seal alone produced greater strength in a road base than a cement only section in the same road. However, when combining the two products together, superior results are achieved with an even greater savings.