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ImageTwo politicians have raised concerns about Penrice mine dust.

One has suggested a drastic remedy.

David Winderlich, independent member of the Legislative Council, called for the state government to ban Penrice from mining on hot and windy days.

Mr Winderlich and Ivan Venning – the Member for Schubert – have both highlighted Penrice dust as a health and environmental issue.

They believe Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) tests show the mine has produced dangerous levels of fine-particle dust – in breach of the National Environment Protection Monitoring standard.

The results were recorded by a ‘hotspot caravan’ that has been located near the mine for the past nine months.

Penrice Soda Holdings, the company that owns the Barossa mine, has rejected the figures.

Guy Roberts, Penrice managing director and chief executive officer, revealed the mine’s own EPA dust monitors had not recorded any dust emissions that breached standards.

“We deny these exeedences,” Mr Roberts said.

“The supposition is those results picked up by the hotspot caravan were due to outside mine factors.”

The ‘hotspot caravan’ monitoring station was put in place on March 31, for a period of 12 months.

Mr Venning said it was installed after appeals by nearby neighbours.

But he was worried the monitor did not meet national standards.

“The EPA is supposed to be the community’s watchdog authority with regard to environmental issues, but in this case it appears they have dropped the ball,” Mr Venning said.

“Is this body serious about enforcing environmental standards or are they merely a toothless tiger?”

Meanwhile, the mine has already committed to install a new dust suppressant system in coming months.

This will come at a cost of $200,000 and be located inside the mine’s aggregate crushing plant – one of the known sources of dust emissions.

This move follows trials of a water soluble, biodegradable foaming dust suppressant system.

However, Mr Venning urged the mine to do more.

He wants the crusher and conveyer belts enclosed, to help reduce dust emissions.

“No one including myself wants to see the mine closed,” Mr Venning said. “Everyone is aware of the employment the mine provides for locals and that the soda ash extracted from the mine is used to make glass bottles – in particular wine bottles.”

Mr Venning believes the mine can fit in with the community.

“But measures need to be taken to ensure this happens,” he said.


As scores of states are trying to survive the central bank induced fiscal catastrophe, services for those communities are on the block.  Countless times we assume the services which our taxes deliver, and whether or not you understand it, all those revenue taxes that you give are never going to these services. Those taxes go to the secret banks that own the Federal Reserve central bank. The taxes which are utilized to keep up our state, region or municipality, are derivative from taxes that we give while living our lives.

An example could be the gas tax added to each gallon of gas we buy. That money is employed to keep the roads. When citizens travel less, the earnings from gas taxes start to decline radically. At some point we start to have diminishing returns. Such is the case when the powers that be resolve that Dust Control on our roads will need to be cut. Bad roads less travel – less travel less gas tax

When we seize a dollar from a citizen that's productive and waste it on a non practical event, that dollar is finished evermore. If we make use of that dollar for a productive event the dollar remains in the system to provide more taxes into the system again.

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